Friday, September 01, 2017

So it is officially the first of September, really winter is just around the corner. I have been thinking of my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe for quite a while now. I even bought a coat in June! I am never usually this prepared but here in the UK I have come to the realisation that I really don't need that many summery clothes mainly staple, transitional pieces which I am trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe, I'm a pretty simple girl. 

With that being said this is how I'm preparing for the colder months.
I love pinterest, I pin everything and anything, particularly I find the best outfit inspiration on there. So for some inspo this season that's where I've gone to as there are a lot of effortless outfits on there where you only need a few simple pieces. This season I am loving the idea of layering shirts underneath chunky cropped knits paired with a big blanket scarf, jeans and ankle boots. So first point of call the gather some initial ideas has to be pinterest. 

I think it is really important to think of how you like to dress, are you an edgy, streetwear, classic, bold or simple type of guy or girl. Look to people who's photos you might like on Instagram, bloggers you follow and celebrities. You won't enjoy your wardrobe if you aren't comfortable in what your buying then you probably won't be wearing it. Some people that I look to for inspiration is Lydia Millen, Em Sheldon, Emily Ratajkowski. I love that with whatever they all wear they make it look so effortless but their outfits are always so put together and on trend. 

You can't buy it if you don't see it. Working in retail means that I see first hand what clothes are coming into the shops that season. I know from my workplace that mustard, burgundy, reds, blush pink, greys and blacks are all in this season. Which lucky for me are all colours I like to where. I don't tend to buy such trend pieces, right now I would like to buy a more neutral, easy to wear colour than a statement as I know it would last longer in my wardrobe. Why not go window shopping before you decide what you want in your wardrobe this season, have a browse online and instore create a big list of things you like and then narrow it down. 

Now you know how I prepare for the upcoming season, this is what I will be wearing, buying and lusting after...

I never thought I'd want them but they are the alternative of leather trousers for me. I' don't think I'm quite able to go with the full on leather look I'd probably end up like Ross from friends but the Topshop coated Jamie jeans have definitely caught my eye. I think they would look great paired with a cropped knit which I currently have a lot of in my Boohoo basket right now. Layering is a trend that never goes away so obviously in my winter wardrobe I want lots of scarves, some shirts to keep me warmer and to peek under jumpers. Lydia Millen actually inspired me on this one, last year she literally lived in jumper dresses throughout winter, I already have one but this time I would like to find the perfect chunky knit grey jumper dress so if you know anywhere I could find one please let me know. 

What will be in your winter wardrobe?

Outfit details: 
Jumpsuit - MissGuided
Jacket - Zara (similar)
Shoes - Zara 


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